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Mel Met Kate

Kate and I were college roommates. We met by chance and by choice remain lifelong friends. 

I transferred to University of Maryland in the spring of my sophomore year. College Park in January was unlike anything I’d ever experienced. It was freezing cold, snow, rain, crowded, loud – but mostly it was cold and I wasn’t sure I liked that at all.

I chose a handful of 3X5 cards from the housing board in the Student Union. That admission alone is evidence of just how long our friendship has endured!

Kate and I have laughed so much over the years, recalling our first meeting. Her opening the door – us face-to-face with every opposing factor we’d ever imagined – and some we’d likely never considered. East – in a wool Polo sweater with just the right amount of perfectly pressed collar exposed, khaki trousers and Sperry Topsiders – meets West – white boots, jeans, a Dodgers sweatshirt and blonde hair. “So much blonde hair,” she’d tell me years later.

I remember exactly what we were wearing because I’ll never forget the look on her face as she took stock of the girl standing in her doorway. I wasn’t sure – I’m sure she had her doubts, but it worked and it was FUN! 3am nachos, snow-days, Disco and Rock-n-Roll our 2 “pet squirrels” who showed up on our balcony every time they heard Michael Jackson or the Police.

Those carefree days turned into cherished years – making memories I will treasure forever. There was moving, marriage, and motherhood. “Adulting” with the same passion and blind exuberance that consumed us as co-eds. We’ve shared every conceivable up and down and supported each other along the way. Having her by my side now is absolutely my “Perfect Storm”, and just the beginning of what I am sure will be an amazing story…

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