Kate Met Mel

I first met Mel in the early 80’s at the University of Maryland.  She was  looking for an apartment to share. My friend Megan and I were looking for a roommate.

Into the apartment walks this quintessential California girl – blonde, big blue eyes, stylish, and most of all – she had a car! A brand new, baby blue Mazda RX7. It was January and Mel hadn’t packed everything she’d need that first semester.  She didn’t even OWN a winter coat, not one for a cold Maryland winter anyway! Megan and I thought that was hilarious as we all went shopping.

Those were the days of Michael Jackson, Madonna, and Earth Wind and Fire.   We had two “pet” squirrels who would scale the wall of our 3rd floor apartment and come onto our balcony.  But only if we were playing Earth Wind and Fire. Their names were Disco and Rock ‘n Roll. After college, Mel and I shared a townhouse with a few other people, but it was the 80’s and a bluuuuurrrr.  Enough said.

Mel eventually settled in Tucson, and we kept in touch. I should say Mel kept in touch – I’m a HORRIBLE friend when it comes to that.  But we have the kind of friendship where months, even years might go by, and we’ll get together, and it’s like we saw each other yesterday.  

We always got together for important events – weddings, bar mitzvahs, and birthdays.  Always Mel, reaching out. She’s very social person. So am I, but I tend to have a couple of good friends, and more acquaintances.  Not her. She has a zillion friends, and there’s a stream of names and stories when she talks. I can’t keep track, and sometimes it drives me crazy!

We’ve shared everything.  Good times/bad times. She knows all my secrets and I know hers.  So we have to stay friends or else!  

After vacationing in Cabo over Memorial Day weekend 2017, our friendship grew to another, different level.  She had a project, and invited me to be part of it. I had spent my career in marketing in several industries, and had been a journalism major, so she asked me to edit her manuscript and help with the marketing of her book.  She is the creative mind, while I’m the pragmatic perfectionist. A PERFECT FIT! Yin and yang! It’s probably why we’re such good friends: we are nothing alike, yet very much alike in a way I can’t explain. But it works, and has for over 30 years!

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