“Without failure who would you be?”

                                                      ~Nick Foles


Thank you for your interest in building the Nest. Our community grows stronger with each and every member. It is our goal to provide information and opportunity to our followers- Empty Nesters and Mid-Life Changers. The time is now – to live, work and be better.

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All of our stories benefit and encourage those facing similar struggles. Knowing that we are not on this journey alone is profoundly comforting. We welcome your submissions on relevant topics. Sponsored submissions are featured on the blog Notes From The Nest and may include photos or video.

We welcome this as a means to further promote your services, products or writing.

Submission Guidelines

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Submissions should be between 400-800 words, with 1-2 photos or video. Applicant must provide copyright use of all visual assets.

We prefer original content, but you may submit previously published work for consideration. Please include all credits and links back to the original publication, include dates and sites.

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