“Without failure who would you be?”

                                                      ~Nick Foles

Pamela Robins- House of Two Spirits

I don’t think that I truly understood that I was not living my authentic life, my soul’s purpose. I don’t think that I truly realized that I had given away my power and my voice. Luckily, the universe knew and when I didn’t take action to move myself, my world came crashing down in every way imaginable leaving me simultaneously with nothing recognizable and yet everything possible.

Within a two month period I was faced with a relentless series of major life challenges, including the death of my mother, my own cancer diagnosis upon returning from her funeral, vocal cord paralyzation, a divorce and letting go of my dream home, my businesses…my whole life as I knew it – in order to find myself. 

With my life support system no longer in place – the two people who had been the most important figures in my life – my mother and my husband, I understood that finding myself was not a journey I could travel with anyone else and I immediately accepted that as my path. The duality again. Of devastation and elation. 

It was during this time that I saw how my animals were instrumental in getting me through it all and kept me tethered to this earth. I saw how hard my cats were working to heal, comfort and protect me. My horse, Tuxedo gave me a reason to get out of bed. To show up for him and ultimately to show up for myself and dig deeper and deeper for strength I did not know I had inside of me, until I was able to stand on my own again with new perspective and presence. It is because of him that I am still here. Because of my animals, I knew that when I was strong again that I wanted to return to them the extraordinary gifts they had given to me so that they would not be depleted of their own health and vitality. The book, Meditating with Animals and The Animal Method was channeled through me by the animals, resulting in playful, loving ways in which our animals are already interacting with us and how we can better interact with them, creating even deeper bonds of unconditional love and recycling this precious love energy to each other. 

I want to say that going through all of the major life challenges was only a preparation for what I was to undertake over the next 3 years of rediscovering myself and what I was supposed to be doing with my life. I had been out of the corporate world for over 20 years having been an business owner in the incredibly stressful (and dangerous) world of the restaurant, nightclub and hotel business – both in Playa del Carmen, Mexico and the U.S. 

A little further along my healing journey, I was given the gift of Sound Healing by one of my spiritual teachers. In a session, she played one note from a crystal singing bowl and it brought me relief and release and it changed my life. I bought a set of bowls and began playing each morning as part of my own self care. It brought me back to music which I had studied when I was younger – violin, piano and clarinet.  

In addition to receiving my sound healing certification, I am also a certified Reiki practitioner and have completed my 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Certification.

It was revealed to me, at long last what all of these different modalities and loves had to do with each other and how I was to combine them and share them with others this year. 

The universe led me to purchasing a Tipi and it has a home on a private 60 acre ranch where my horse lives, right outside of Los Angeles, California.

It is called “House of Two Spirits”  and it is here that I host transformational healing journeys for people. They can come to this safe and sacred space in nature to connect with themselves and disconnect from the noise of life to better tune in to their inner world, their inner voice, their inner knowing. 

Combining all of the things that I not only love but also  that healed, nourished and sustained me – nature, music, animals, meditation, yoga and more – I offer curated experiences (some including Tuxedo!) and in helping others, I continue my own journey of sharing my experiences and gifts.

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